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Restoring Smiles Through Modern Dentures

When you think of a dental appliance, you may imagine an unmanageable, uncomfortable false set of teeth. The truth is today’s dentures are both functional for everyday use and provide a real-looking cosmetic solution for missing teeth. At the office of Complete Care Dental Partners, we take pride in offering quality custom-crafted dentures that are designed to fit in your mouth comfortably, look natural, and give you the ability eat and speak normally. We’ve helped countless patients restore their smiles and their ability to enjoy the foods they love. Contact our office now to schedule a consultation.

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The Benefits of Dentures

The need for dentures can stem from age, tooth decay, or a previous accident that has left you with tooth loss. Dentures are an effective substitute for real teeth that can give you back the functionality and self-confidence you want from your teeth. The benefits of our custom-crafted dentures include:

  • Restoring normal bite function and speech
  • Improving chewing and digestion
  • Revitalizing your smile and restoring your self-confidence
  • Restoring the normal shape of your face and mouth

No matter the reason for your initial tooth loss, we’ll help you feel comfortable through the process. We’ll custom fabricate a set of dentures that meets your needs for chewing and speaking and gives your face a normal and healthy look. Our dentures are identical in appearance to teeth and with proper care, will last for years to come.

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Complete and Partial Dentures

Dentures come in two categories: full dentures and partial dentures. Full dentures typically replace all your teeth and will conform to your mouth with near-perfect accuracy once fabricated. These are carefully crafted to look as much like your own natural teeth as possible and are able to function properly in your mouth for a long time. A full set of dentures may take more than a couple weeks to be properly fabricated, so we’ll usually fit you with temporary dentures as an immediate means of helping you transition to successful denture wearing. Because of the muscular readjustment required as well as the natural shrinkage of gums, the dentures which are placed immediately after tooth extraction won’t fit as well as permanent dentures made when the healing is complete.

Partial dentures are made to replace specific teeth in your mouth. Usually made of cast Vitallium, these well-constructed, metal-based removable dental appliances are much lighter and less obtrusive than those made of plastic. They are a little more expensive than plastic dentures, but they will fit better. No matter your denture needs, we’ll ensure your set looks real, works correctly, and fits comfortably in your mouth.

How Dentures Are Made

Creating quality dentures that are functional and real-looking in appearance takes time and talent to do properly. Creating your custom dentures begins with us making a dental impression of your teeth. Once this impression is made, we create a stone model to form a “custom impression tray,” which is used to take a second and much more accurate impression. From this point, the replacement teeth (made of solid resin compound) are attached to the impression and pressure-molded in place with a dental acrylic. The form and function of the dentures are carefully checked to ensure that they are working and fitting properly. The dentures are then shaped and polished to create a natural and comfortable fit in your mouth. The team at Complete Care Dental Partners is happy to examine and recommend the proper course of action to help you regain your confidence. Reach out to our office by calling 269-968-4024 at your earliest convenience!