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Reliable Dental Implants in Battle Creek, MI

Missing teeth are more than just a functional eating problem. The lack of teeth in your mouth can affect how you speak, how your face looks, and even your self-confidence. We offer quality dental implants that resolve this issue and give you back the oral functionality and confidence you’re missing. Dental implants are small titanium posts that replace the roots of missing teeth. They’re inserted into your jawbone during a minor surgical procedure that takes place in the dental office. After the implant has been placed, a completely life-like porcelain tooth crown is attached. In some cases, the implant needs to fuse with the bone for several months before it is permanently crowned; in other cases, you may have new temporary teeth on the same day of the procedure until your permanent teeth are ready for attachment. When it comes to missing teeth we also offer bridges, crowns, tooth bonding, and denture treatments that can resolve the problem. No matter the solution you choose, we’ll ensure you feel at ease during the procedure and you’re satisfied with your new teeth for years to come.

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Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

If you suffer from missing teeth due to decay, disease, or an accident, there’s a good chance that implants will be a great solution for you. This can only be determined after a complete oral examination that includes X-rays of your jaws. When you arrive at our clinic, we’ll give you a thorough dental exam, look for any concerning issues, and offer you affordable options that will best fit your needs and your budget. We pride ourselves on quality cosmetic dentistry in Battle Creek, MI, and we’ve built a reputation for meeting our patients’ needs and exceeding their expectations. Schedule a consultation today to find out if dental implants are right for you.

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Are Dental Implants Expensive or Painful?

At the outset, implants are more expensive than other tooth-replacement methods such as dentures or bridgework. But they also last many years longer and in fact should never need replacement. Dental implants are best viewed as an investment that will save you considerable time and money as the years pass. Most people find dental implant surgery very easy to tolerate. Any soreness or discomfort afterward can be managed with ibuprofen or any other over-the-counter painkiller. As with all our treatments, we’ll want to ensure the implants are functioning correctly as time passes and will schedule follow-up visits to ensure you experience no discomfort with them. Tooth loss is no longer a permanent problem. When you visit Complete Care Dental Partners, you’ll receive reliable cosmetic solutions that can last a lifetime.

How to Care for Dental Implants

Dental implants require exactly the same care as natural teeth: daily brushing and flossing, along with regular dental checkups and professional cleanings. While your implanted teeth will never decay, we do advise you that ongoing oral care is needed to keep your gums from becoming inflamed or infected. If you’re looking for a non-implant solution to missing teeth, we offer custom-made dentures, bridges, and tooth bonding treatments that can remove gaps in your teeth and give them a natural look. The team at Complete Care Dental Partners is happy to examine and recommend the proper course of action to help you regain your confidence. Reach out to our office by calling 269-968-4024 at your earliest convenience!