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Battle Creek’s Most Trusted Emergency Dentistry Service

Whether you’ve suffered from a fall, a car accident, a sports injury, or physical altercation, damage to your teeth requires immediate attention. Letting loose fillings, fractured molars, and intense oral pain linger can only increase the likelihood that your teeth will need to be replaced. At the office of Douglas E. McDaniel, DDS, we’ve helped countless patients restore their teeth in Battle Creek, MI, and throughout Calhoun County. We have years of experience resolving dental emergencies and we’ll ensure you feel little to no discomfort throughout the process. Contact our office today for more information.

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Are You Having a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies typically require immediate care to save a tooth or stop ongoing dental pain. A delay in treatment may cause permanent damage to your smile and increase the likelihood of infections. Situations that require an emergency dental visit include:

  • A broken or fractured tooth
  • A loose filling, crown, or implant
  • A large amount of oral pain

No matter the symptoms, if you believe you’re experiencing a dental emergency it’s best to visit our office immediately. We’re sensitive to our patients’ needs and we pride ourselves on offering pain-free treatments and procedures. When visiting us under these circumstances, we’ll take a quick X-ray to get a solid understanding of what the problem is and offer you affordable options for getting it resolved. Quality emergency dental care is easy to receive when you call the office of Douglas E. McDaniel, DDS today.

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Dealing With Damaged Implants

If you’ve felt a crown, filling or implant come loose, you know all about oral discomfort. While it may only seem an inconvenience, this issue can also open up your mouth to infections and decay. Food particles can situate underneath the implant or crown, building up the bacteria there and ultimately leading to a serious oral issue that requires a root canal. We have the tools and expertise to ensure your filling, crown, or implant is restored and no infections get a foothold in your mouth. Don’t put up with daily discomfort from a loose dental implant or filling. Contact the emergency dental experts at the office of Douglas E. McDaniel, DDS now and give yourself some peace of mind.

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Oral Infection Treatments

Timely treatment of oral infections can ensure your teeth stay intact and you suffer as little discomfort as possible. Bacteria that has taken root inside your teeth and gums can not only cause excruciating pain, it can spread to your bloodstream and cause tooth loss. We offer effective and painless root canal therapy, periodontal disease treatments, tooth scaling, and root planing cleanings that will destroy the infection and restore your smile. Patients regularly report that after our treatments, they’re able to chew, speak, and engage in normal activities again without pain. We’ll ensure you feel as little discomfort as possible and we’re happy to answer your questions.

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Restoring Fractured or Broken Teeth

Are you suffering from a broken or damaged tooth? Tooth fractures can vary in severity, from a minor chipping of a tooth to a major fracture that exposes the dentin and pulp tissue under your tooth’s enamel. When these instances occur, our team may decide to use a tooth splint that will bond the damaged tooth to adjacent ones, allowing the gums to heal. If the damage is severe, we may offer to extract the tooth entirely and install an implant that will look and function as a normal tooth would. No matter your specific needs, we’ll ensure we ease your pain and go over every option with you. Contact our office today to schedule an urgent appointment.

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